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About Me 


When I think back to my youth, I could have never envisioned I’d be where I am today. 

Born in Rush Green and raised in Hornchurch, my early life was tough - school was a struggle academically and I was turned down for job opportunities and promotions due to my lack of ability in reading and writing as a result of undiagnosed dyslexia. 

My first business failed despite initial success and tragically, my marriage broke down. At that point, I was ready to throw in the towel and give up. 


Fast forward 10 years and I’m the proud owner of several businesses including top restaurants, state of the art gyms, and a radio station. I have several new ventures planned for the coming years including a gym and new hospitality venues.


Now I’m giving back to others, with a mission to offer them the opportunities that I was never given and share everything I’ve learned along the way.


On my website, you’ll find more details about my portfolio of businesses and the work I do.


Bouncing Back Stronger 


After losing everything following the failure of my very first business, I was ready to give up and bury my head in the sand. Thankfully, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and started working in the family business to build myself back up.


Thanks to long days of hard graft, it wasn’t long until I was able to make my very first investment - La Sara Marbella. Once I got a taste for business, I never looked back. Next came The Rising Sun, then Centreforce, Vault, and most recently, Grosvenor Bridging - all of which I still own today. 


Along the way, I’ve been lucky to meet some extraordinary people who have taught me invaluable lessons about business, finance, and personal development that you simply cannot get from a book or lecture hall.

Seeing my friends and family happy and healthy is still the one thing that drives and motivates me the most to this day.

Trust The Process


Like all entrepreneurs, I experienced my fair share of setbacks and disappointment along the way, but it’s what you learn from these that make you stronger as a person in business and indeed, many other aspects of life.


When COVID hit, it would have been easier (and safer for me financially) to make redundancies, but I committed to ensuring no one was left out of pocket and paid wages out of my own personal savings until the government support scheme was announced. In return, I now have a dedicated and motivated team that shares my ambition and knows I value them greatly.


By working hard, having the right motivation, and surrounding yourself with the right people - I truly believe that anybody can become successful and create a better life for themselves and those closest to them.


There are so many things I wish I could go back and tell my younger self - never give up, manifest what you want to achieve, believe everything is achievable, believe in yourself, motivate your team and others around you, and most importantly trust the process. 


Giving Back 


Giving back is very important to me, which is why I play a role in supporting numerous charities including the Karalius Foundation, the Sammy Jo Brand Foundation, and Take A Knife Save A Life who are doing heroic work in our communities every day. 


I’m on a mission to give people the chance that I never got and empower them to make their lives better. By helping others learn from my own experiences, I hope to break down the barriers that so many experience when following their dreams in business.


Get In Touch


If you are interested in finding out more about my story or have an exciting business proposition you would like to share, fill out the short contact form below or connect with me on LinkedIn. 


I am happy to receive media enquiries for article features, interviews, charity work, and speaking at events. Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements. 


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